Career Opportunity in Qatar/ Qatar jobs-April 2021

Job Location: Gujrat, Pakistan
Terms: Full-Time
Date of posting: 25.04.2021
Date of Closing: 28.04.2021
Career Opportunity in Qatar/ Qatar jobs-April 2021


Comparative coverage with the other Persian Gulf states is provided by HELEN CHAPIN METZ (ed.), Persian Gulf States: Country Studies, 3rd ed. (1994); F. GREGORY GAUSE, III, Oil Monarchies: Domestic and Security Challenges in the Arab Gulf States (1994); ROSEMARIE SAID ZAHLAN, 

The Making of the Modern Gulf States, rev. and updated ed. (1998); KHALDOUN HASAN AL-NAQEEB, Society and State in the Gulf and Arab Peninsula: A Different Perspective, trans. from Arabic (1990); and MICHAEL HERB, All in the Family: Absolutism, Revolution, and Democracy in the Middle Eastern Monarchies (1999). Historical overviews are found in FREDERICK F. ANSCOMBE, 

The Ottoman Gulf: The Creation of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar (1997); and ROSEMARIE SAID ZAHLAN, The Creation of Qatar (1979). Sources on social conditions include KLAUS FERDINAND, Bedouins of Qatar, trans. from Danish (1993); and ABEER ABU SAUD, Qatari Women: Past and Present (1984). 

RAGAEI EL MALLAKH, Qatar: Energy and Development (1985); and ZUHAIR AHMED NAFI, Economic and Social Development in Qatar (1983), examine economic issues. NATHAN J. BROWN, The Rule of Law in the Arab World: Courts in Egypt and the Gulf (1997), is a study of the judicial system. An analysis of historical and contemporary politics is provided by JILL CRYSTAL, Oil and Politics in the Gulf: Rulers and Merchants in Kuwait and Qatar, updated ed. (1995).

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Career Opportunity in Qatar/ Qatar jobs-April 2021

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