Combined Military Hospital Jobs | Pak Army Careers April 2021

Job Location: Murry, Pakistan
Terms: Full-Time
Combined Military Hospital Jobs | Pak Army Careers April 2021

About C.M.H (Combine Military Hospital)

They were located at Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Quetta, Mhow, Poona, Meerut, Lucknow, Secunderabad and Rangoon.

No 1 Company was at Rawalpindi, No 2 Company at Lucknow, No 3 Company at Poona, No 4 Company at Quetta and No 5 Company at Rangoon. The World War II was responsible for rapid developments. The idea of having a homogeneous corps by amalgamating Indian Medical Services, Indian Medical Department (IMD) and Indian Hospital Corps gradually took shape and Indian Army Medical Corps (IAMC) came into being on 3 April 1943.

They were present in the heights of Chitral in the north-west to Burma in the east. The major bulk of their health related problems were of tropical infections and parasitic infestation.

The bulk of the troops of the British Indian Army were recruited from the areas, which became Pakistan. The threats of the Russian empire and a fear of Afghans and Central Asians overrunning the Indian territory had made the British rulers wary of the northwestern borders across the Hindu Kush mountains. The army was deployed at large scale. Rawalpindi was the pivotal military base, from where they controlled the command, logistics and services provided to those troops. It was the Headquarters.

Medical Treatment:

These hospitals are run by the doctors of Pakistan’s Army Medical Corps.

Latest Job at CMH Murree Cantt:

  1. Database System Administrator Technician

Combined Military Hospital Jobs | Pak Army Careers April 2021

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