Nurses jobs in Saudi Arabia| Saudi Arabia-April 2021

Job Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Terms: Full-Time
Date of posting: 25.04.2021
Date of Closing: 28.04.2021
Nurses jobs in Saudi Arabia| Saudi Arabia-April 2021

Saudi Arabia

Overviews and general reference works include DAVID E. LONG, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1997); J.E. PETERSON, Historical Dictionary of Saudi Arabia (1993); HUSSEIN HAMZA BINDAGJI, Atlas of Saudi Arabia (1978), with thematic, regional, and city maps. Mecca is the subject of F.E. PETERS, Mecca: A Literary History of the Muslim Holyland (1994); and GERALD DE GAURY, Rulers of Mecca (1954, reissued 1980).

Also useful is ANGELO PESCE, Jiddah: Portrait of an Arabian City, rev. ed. (1977). An anthropological approach is taken in SORAYA ALTORKI, Women in Saudi Arabia: Ideology and Behavior Among the Elite (1986); and WILLIAM LANCASTER, The Rwala Bedouin Today (1981), a case study.

Also of importance are DONALD POWELL COLE, Nomads of the Nomads: The Al Murrah Bedouin of the Empty Quarter (1975, reissued 1988); and MOTOKO KATAKURA, Bedouin Village: A Study of a Saudi Arabian People in Transition (1977).

Architecture and art are treated in G.R.D. KING, The Historical Mosques of Saudi Arabia (1986), a study of mosque architecture; and SAFEYA BINZAGR, Saudi Arabia: An Artist’s View of the Past (1979), a pictorial perspective of Saudi Arabia’s culture and people.

An important annual survey of events in Saudi Arabia can be found in the Saudi Arabia chapters of BRUCE MADDY-WEITZMAN (ed.), Middle East Contemporary Survey (annually, from 1976).

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Female Nurses
3000 + 300 Food

1200 + Tripe

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Nurses jobs in Saudi Arabia| Saudi Arabia-April 2021

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