Patwari Job | AC Kotly Seeta Pakistan-April 2021

Job Location: Pakistan
Terms: Full-Time
Date of posting: 24.04.2021
Date of Closing: 20.05.2021
Patwari Job | AC Kotly Seeta Pakistan-April 2021


The Patwar system was first introduced in the Indian subcontinent, during the short, but eventful rule of Sher Shah Suri, and was further enhanced by Emperor Akbar. The British colonial era made minor amendments but maintained the system.

In 1814, legislation was enacted requiring all villages to maintain an accountant (talati) as an official agent of the government.[1] The Kulkarni Watan was abolished in 1918 and paid talatis from all castes who were appointed to the new office of the Talati. In some cases, the talatis were the oppressed castes, and the abolishing of the Kulkarni Watan system was viewed as a progressive move.[2] Lekhpal in Uttar Pradesh.

The word is derived from the Sanskrit root tal which means to accomplish a vow, to establish or to fix, havin the same meaning in the Marathi languages of India.[3] It is used to denote the office of the Talati in rural parts of the Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The office and its holder are both called Talatis. Bearers of the office have adopt this as their family last name. The duties of a Talati include maintaining crop and land records (record of rights) of the village, collection of tax revenue, collection of irrigation dues. 

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Patwari Job

Patwari Job | AC Kotly Seeta Pakistan-April 2021

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